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A Closer Look for October 2012

1. Smartride LLC

Getting yourself home after a night out on the town is one thing…but what about your car? Smartride has the answer. By reserving Smartride ahead of time, Columbian’s can let loose with the knowledge that when its time to go, they have a dependable driver who will take them and their car home for the night. No worries in the morning, just life as usual. Matt Lauman, co-proprietor of Smartride, had used similar services in the past and waited in vain for the service to come to Columbia. Despite the thriving nightlife, it didn’t arrive so Lauman and Trevor Gibson decided to start Smartride in order to help Columbian’s get home safely.
>> Proprietors:
Matt Lauman and Trevor Gibson

2. Caroline Leemis Design LLC

After working for small and large architectural firms through college and after graduation, Caroline Leemis has started her own interior design firm, Caroline Leemis Design. Caroline is an alumnus of the University of Arkansas and is looking forward to contributing her art background and design strengths to the Mid-Missouri community through interiors that excite, comfort, and inspire. With a passion and expertise in both sustainability and healthcare design, Caroline Leemis Design specializes in small-scale commercial interiors and healthcare facilities.
>> Proprietor:
Caroline Leemis

3. North Village Nutrition

For Lindsay Horton, co-proprietor of North Village Nutrition, it’s not about losing weight—it’s about being healthy. North Village Nutrition provides wellness and nutrition coaching through consultations, classes and nutritional supplements that help kick-start a healthy lifestyle. For a $7 daily membership fee, Columbians can access North Village Nutrition and pick up a 16-ounce smoothie, a 16-ounce energy tea and a mango aloe. A meal from North Village Nutrition costs about $1.86, so it won’t break the bank. In reaching out to the community, North Village Nutrition has taken advantage of social media to attract new business and spread the word about good nutrition.
>> Proprietor:
Marissa Shelton,
Lindsay Horton and Tamela Wyatt

4. Children’s Speech and Language Center

Carrie Clark specializes in working with children ages 3 to 5 years old, but she welcomes children of all ages. She helps students with articulation and overcoming stutters and other fluency challenges. Many children still struggling to put sentences together come to her for assistance. Clark currently works full time in special education at Columbia public Schools, but she hopes to one day make the language center her main focus.
>> Proprietor: Carrie Clark

5. Cenetra LLC

Cenetra, a new company in Columbia that designs and manufactures laboratory equipment, is moving forward with innovation. Even as the United States’ service sector continues to nudge out manufacturing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cenetra contributes to Columbia by manufacturing new technology. The equipment created by Cenetra is utilized on both a national and international scale. Begun by Jeff Wiseman and Jennifer Salmons, co-proprietors of J2 Scientific, Cenetra’s equipment is geared towards the clinical and environmental sectors. Equipment from Cenetra may be used in the future to monitor the output of mercury in the atmosphere.

>> Proprietors:
Jeff Wiseman and Jennifer Salmons

6. Columbia Youth Athletic Club

Nestled along Business Loop 70, in the Parkade Building, Columbian’s can find a new dojo. Under the guidance of Randy Russell, a sixth degree black belt in Judo, the Columbia Youth Athletic Club offers instruction for youth in kickboxing, wrestling and judo. The club was created in an effort to build a safe environment for kids in Columbia to learn and get active. The club also serves as a central location for practitioners of several disciplines to join together to teach and to pass on the traditions and skills of their discipline to the next generation.
>> Propritors:
Randy Russell and Doug Stritzel


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