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Get it Sold

Our real estate power team gives you the inside scoop on selling your house.

Jason ThornhillJason Thornhill

“I’m a Boone County native and have made Columbia my home since 1988.  I’m a dad to a twin boy and girl, husband to my RN wife, Leslie, and a realtor since 2001 who thoroughly enjoys working in the industry.”




Casey MarschCasey Marsch

“I decided I wanted to be an interior designer when I was 8 years old. I painted my bedroom on a snow day when I was in 7th grade without my parents’ permission, so becoming a designer wasn’t a question for me. I have designed everything from kitchens to car washes.”



LeighanneLamb2Leighanne Lamb

“I understand the home loan process. Not only have I originated over 800 home loans, I have also purchased three homes myself.”





Gayla SchanbacherGayla Schanbacher

“My biggest reward is working with people that I can turn a house  into a home for them. When I receive repeat customers, it means they have truly enjoyed working with me and respect my opinion and knowledge.”

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