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Mr. Fix It – Matt Ford

Handy-Matt is your guy to call to fix, renovate and get your rental property functioning properly.

I started Handy-Matt LLC for a number of reasons: First, I truly enjoy working on all types of real estate. Homes and rental properties are assets that one can remodel, repair, add an addition to, buy, sell or lease. Second, I saw the quality of workmanship that others preformed; I knew that I could do it better. Lastly, I enjoy working with homeowners and landlords who need a trustworthy, straight-shooting contractor. It is your home, and we do it right.

Most jobs my company performs are not exceptionally skilled. However, it is extremely easy to mess them up if you don’t have the right equipment and patience. Doing great work fast and cheap is not possible. It will produce an inferior finished product. There is a direct relationship between quality and cost. If you leave a project 95 percent complete is 100 percent incomplete. I find my best customers are those who first try a project by themselves and are unsuccessful at doing it well or completing it at all.


This issue’s handyman how-to:

My challenge to you this month is to repair a hole in drywall. Most drywall damage is caused by door knobs. First, here are a couple of methods to prevent the damage from happening:

• spring door stoppers
• solid hinge stoppers
• commercial closing elbows

 Mr Fix It CollageNow let’s look at how to make the repair:

• Measure the size of the hole.
• Cut a square in the old drywall to replace with new drywall. Take note of the thickness of the drywall. Typically, walls use ½-inch-thick drywall, and ceilings use ⅝-inch-thick drywall.
• Cut the new drywall with a fresh razorblade to match the size of the square in the wall.
• Cut 2-by-4s that are 1 inch longer in length than the square opening in the dry wall. Place the wood piece behind the hole in the drywall to act as a screwing surface, and screw it into the existing drywall.
• Fit the new drywall into the hole, and screw it into the screwing surface.
• Mud over the screws in the drywall, and let it dry.
• Sand down the mud to smooth out the wall.
• Repeat the mud and sand process.
• Prime and paint to match existing wall color.


Matt FordMatt Ford

Matt Ford is the owner of Handy-Matt LLC, a company that has seen major growth over the past three and a half years. He works with a staff of six full-time team members as well as a handful of part-time employees. His company is licensed and insured and has an excellent rating on Angie’s List. For home repair assistance, email Matt at mford@weichertft.com.

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