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PYSK: Timothy Fete, University of Missouri Children’s Hospital Medical Director

Job description: I’m responsible for the clinical, educational, research and advocacy missions of the MU Department of Child Health and MU Children’s Hospital.

Years lived in Columbia/mid-Missouri: Six

Original hometown: St. Louis

Education: B.A. in chemistry (1974), University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio; M.D. (1977), Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis; M.P.H. (1998), Saint Louis University School of Public Health, St. Louis

Community involvement: Most of my time is spent in advocating for the health and well-being of children through interactions with a number of organizations that focus on the needs of our most important but vulnerable population.

Professional background: Most of my career has been as a practicing pediatrician and educator. I have been involved in caring for underserved populations: three years in a health-underserved county in rural Utah, 19 years in inner city St. Louis and now a return to care for rural underserved children in Missouri.

A favorite recent project: The small role I had in supporting the development of the Pediatric Palliative Care Program at MU Children’s Hospital. The real work was performed by Dr. Brooke Geyer and Merideth Lehman.

A Columbia businessperson I admire and why: I’m not sure they would consider themselves as businesspersons, but I have great admiration for Pam Ingram and her husband, Dr. Ellis Ingram. Pam runs Granny’s House, with much support from Ellis. Granny’s House provides an afterschool environment of love, nutrition, education and support for children from Columbia’s underserved populations. They are very active in educating nursing and other health professionals regarding the unique needs and opportunities for this very vulnerable population.

Why I’m passionate about my job: For me, there is nothing more important than assuring a wonderful future for our children. My personal goal is to help the MU Department of Child Health and MU Children’s Hospital to achieve the following: Through quality patient care, innovative education, creative research and vigorous advocacy, we will partner with patients, parents and the community to assure that the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of this and future generations of children will be met with competence, dignity, justice and compassion.

If I weren’t doing this for a living, I would: Be in some other position that allows me to work with children and families.

What people should know about this profession: Pediatricians consider it an honor and a blessing to be able to work with children and their families. We consistently love to go to work each day because of the many personal rewards we gain when we feel like we have helped a child.

What I do for fun: Anything outdoors with my wife and family: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, exploring new territory.

Family: The best part of life. I have a wonderful wife and partner of 41 years, Mary. We have five amazing adult children and 12 delightful grandchildren.

Favorite place in Columbia: Our home.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: Raising five fantastic children who seem to still love us!

Most people don’t know that I: Am incredibly shy.

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