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Moore Hair Salon brings the beauty parlor home

A new, traveling salon is providing a variety of salon services to individuals who cannot go out and have the traditional salon experience. Katrina Moore established Moore Hair Salon LLC Home Hair Care Service to help people that are physically or mentally confined to their homes feel pampered and beautiful.

Moore has been a professional cosmetologist for ten years and has a managed a variety of salons in the mid-Missouri area. Inspired by her mother who was left paralyzed by a stroke in 2007 and her niece who suffers from Septo-optic dysplasia, Moore knew she wanted to do something more with her talent for beauty.

“While my mother was ill, the one thing that made her feel good about herself was getting her hair done,” Moore said. “She did not care who would see her in her condition as long as she looked good. There are over a million individuals with a disability in Missouri that need access to hair care services. Having a disability does not make a person less human; self-image is important and a positive self-image builds self-esteem. In many cases, a haircut can make someone feel beautiful and liberated.”

Currently, Moore Hair Salon Home Hair Care Service offers services for individuals including senior citizens, people that use wheelchairs, individuals with mental or developmental disabilities and individuals suffering from a temporary disability from surgery. Services that the traveling salon provides include haircuts, a wet roller set, hot iron set, up-do or braids, cosmetic consulting, facial waxing and special accommodating shampoo services or bedside shampoo services.

Moore is working to establish a permanent ADA-accessible salon on the east side of Columbia, and she has launched an Indiegogo campaign so people can donate and help fund the expenses required to get the salon up and running. The future Moore Hair Salon LLC will include ADA-approved styling stations, hair dryers, clippers, shampoo bowls and more.

“I decided to open this type of salon because there is not a salon that is ADA accessible that accommodates wheelchairs in Columbia,” Moore said. “I would like to provide seniors and individuals with disabilities a welcoming environment that caters to their hair care needs. There is no standard service time limit and the prices are affordable.”


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