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Think Spring

While you’re combatting cabin fever, start looking forward to the warmer days ahead!

Springtime brings many things to mind: new beginnings, growth and sunshine, for instance. As you look forward to warmer weather, isn’t it fun to give some thought to planning for your lawn and home? For many families (mind included), playing outside is a big part of the quality time they spend together. It’s not too early to start planning to enhance your family’s outdoor experience at home this year. While you’re combatting cabin fever, here are a few things to consider.

Weed Control: It’s easy to forget about this until that first bright dandelion pokes its head up in your lawn. Address potential problems early before they crop up. Weeds can often be easier to prevent than to eradicate after your lawn has turned into a lovely yellow polka-dotted canvas. I bet you’ll agree that a lush deep green lawn makes a much better backdrop for those photos of your children and pets.

Irrigation: most people don’t think about needing irrigation as the spring showers abound. Waiting until July, however, isn’t the best time to think of having a sprinkler system installed either. When the weather turns hot and dry, installation can service schedules fill up quickly. Plan now for an adequate and efficient source of water to keep your lawn, plants and trees healthy during all seasons.

Gutters: Speaking of water management, when is the last time you cleaned your gutters? If you’re like me, you don’t think about it until you’re looking out the window when it’s raining cats and dogs, and the water is pouring in sheets over the sides of your gutters. A cleanout before April showers head our way could be very beneficial.

Pest management: Pretty much nothing ruins a springtime barbecue or backyard ball game like creeping, crawling, buzzing, biting, dive-bombing bugs (except maybe the aforementioned raining cats and dogs). Treatments around the exterior of your home or in your lawn can go a long way to limiting the number of critters interested in feasting on your family.

Thinking about this short checklist of items will ensure that your family has a well-cared-for and beautiful place to make many special summer memories. See you on the sunny side!

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