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Summertime Parties


As May draws to a close, we can all take a big sigh of relief. While it’s fun to celebrate graduations, recitals, last days of school, practices and more, the end of May normally brings for me a big ole “whoosh” of breath, and excitement that the work is done. It’s summertime!


The sunshine and heat welcome some of the best holidays for big celebrations. Memorial Day marks pool openings and following that is the granddaddy of them all – the 4th of July! How can you not feel festive with colorful fireworks exploding in the sky?

It also is a time that people with winter birthdays tend to covet because, let’s be honest, folks with summer birthdays have the best options for parties. Backyard BBQ’s and pool parties are things that only summer babies get to relish (unless you celebrate half birthdays, which is a cool option).

I challenge you though, even if your born day doesn’t happen to fall between June-September, to have at least one outside gathering this summer. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, throw some hot dogs on the grill, make some lemonade for the kids and sangria for the adults. Grab some cute summer paper products, and turn on your favorite summer playlist and party because it’s “summer summer summertime!”



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