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An All-Natural Alternative: 5 Reasons To Try Goat’s Milk Products


The benefits of natural beauty products are an increasingly popular topic. The market for healthier, more cost-effective options is ever-expanding and for good reason. All-natural beauty products are made without chemicals or artificial colors and fragrances, which have been known to cause cancer. Cosmetic companies are not fully regulated by the FDA and are consequently able to use small doses of toxic chemicals in their products. Although not damaging in these small doses, prolonged use could cause negative reactions. Unfortunately, commercial cosmetic brands have typically been more easily accessible than all-natural alternatives.

Finding and using all-natural or organic products seems to be the best course of action for health and wellness. One product that is becoming more well-known and available is goat milk. Goat milk is extremely versatile. Not only is it used to make cheese, yogurt and other food items, it is highly beneficial as a skin-care product.

The Global Healing Center cites many health benefits of goat milk. Compared to cow’s milk, goat milk is known to help with digestion and reduce inflammation. Also, goat milk does not have to be pasteurized in order to be drinkable. As a skin-care product, there are five main benefits that make goat milk desirable:


  1. Goat milk skin products contain vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamin A contains anti-aging and discoloration reducing properties. Vitamin A has also been known to reverse sun damage and prevent skin cancer, as well as help fight acne. Vitamin B works to diminish redness and dark spots. Vitamin C firms your skin and reduces wrinkles. Vitamin E is an effective moisturizer and helps to prevent sun damage. For beautiful, healthy skin, goat milk products are a great option.
  1. Selenium is a very beneficial mineral that is found in goat milk soaps. Selenium shields skin cells from sun damage and harmful chemicals. This helps prevent wrinkles, redness and inflammation. This wonder mineral also boosts your body’s infection-fighting abilities. Along with protecting skin cells, such as collagen, it also protects and strengthens your white blood cells.
  1. Goat milk contains an alpha hydroxy acid (lactic acid), which is a natural exfoliate. Lactic acid removes dead skin cells, which leaves skin smooth and soft without irritation or damage. In other skin-care products that don’t contain goat milk, alpha hydroxyl acid must be chemically added, but it occurs naturally in goat milk. In addition, goat milk does not contain alcohol or preservatives, which can also cause irritation or damage to sensitive skin, that are commonly found in skin-care products.
  1. People who suffer from dry skin will find natural relief with goat milk products. The cream in goat milk has an ideal fat content for a moisturizing effect. Goat milk also has a pH level very close to the level of human skin. This allows your skin to easily soak in the moisture from the soap. Glycerin is also naturally found in goat milk, which is yet another skin-softening agent commonly manufactured in commercial cosmetics.
  2. As made evident in the four previous benefits, goat milk skin-care products do not contain any artificial additives. This is a huge reason for the growing popularity of this product. Soaps and other skin-care products made from goat milk provide many of the benefits of commercial products without the negative effects. With no toxins or preservatives, goat milk will improve the look and feel of your skin without the fear of negative effects in the long term. Many commercial products contain parabens and sulfates. Parabens mimic estrogen, which causes chemical disruptions in your body. Sulfates strip your skin of their natural oils, which causes dry and irritated skin.


Harmony Hill Goat Farm

Fortunately for Mid-Missourians, Harmony Hill Goat Farm has been producing high-quality goat milk soap and moisturizer locally since 2009. Leah Rennick, along with her husband and two sons, runs a self-sufficient goat farm in Hallsville. With 40 acres of pasture, Leah and her family raise Kinder Goats, as well as other farm animals, and make products with only the milk from her goats and other natural ingredients, including food-grade oils. As the second generation of the family-ran farm, Leah was given her first goat, Rascal, when she was five years old. Truly a family operation, her brother made the milk stand she still uses today. Leah is certified in the cold process method by the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild to make her soap, an all-natural practice that involves lye and molds to make the soap.

Along with the skin-care benefits of Harmony Hill’s products, the entire soap making process is done locally, which profits the economy of mid-Missouri. Leah also sells her products at local stores.

You can find Harmony Hill Goat Farm products on their website, harmonyhillgoatfarm.com, and at the following locations in Columbia: Dermistique Face & Body Salon, Hy-Vee, D&H Drugstores, Lucky’s Market, the Saturday Farmer’s Market and Plume.

Also, check out Harmony Hill’s Facebook page where you can find out about the newest fragrances and keep up with the goats and other animals.


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