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What do you ache for?


I came across a poem written by the storyteller Oriah Mountain Dreamer that is all about seeking what our hearts ultimately long for and ache for. A few of my favorite lines say: “It doesn’t interest me/ what you do for a living./ I want to know/ what you ache for/ and if you dare to dream/ of meeting your heart’s longing.”; “I want to know/ if you can be with joy/ mine or your own/ if you can dance with wildness/ and let ecstasy fill you/ to the tips of your fingers and toes/ without cautioning us/ to be careful/ to be realistic/ or to remember the limitations/ of being human.”

Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder as to why we exist, and I think the tendency is to define others and ourselves by what we do for a living. I’m an editor for a lifestyle magazine in Columbia, Mo. You might be a doctor, a mom, a teacher, a counselor, a director, a manager. The reality is that we are all hard-working people who, I hope, have a life outside of the office.

This issue is dedicated specifically to women in our community who are hard at work every single day. Our cover story this issue honors three women we are defining as unsung heroes. See their spread on page 44. We also wanted to share with you some pros and cons from local ladies who just so happen to serve as their own boss. Plus: fashion spreads that will inspire you to look good while you’re hard at work.

As always, thank you for being a reader of COMO Living. We’re reminded why we do what we do when readers thank us for sharing the unique, engaging stories right here in our community. If you have a story idea or just want to chat, please email me.




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