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Carolyn’s 21 Day Challenge


I’m committing to a 21 day sunrise yoga at Alley Cat. Sunrise is the operative word; 6:00 a.m-7:15 a.m.

Day 1

Woke up through out the night. Much like the sleep before an early morning departure, afraid I’m going to miss my flight ūüôĀ

5:35 a.m., alarm goes off. I hear a thunderstorm rolling in. UGH. Up and adam!

Day 2

It’s raining on the way to yoga. It would have been a nice day to sleep in. Stomach muscles and arms feel a little sore. It’s the good sore.

Day 3

My first thought when my alarm went off. ‘I’m over this!’ ¬†Than grabbed my phone and checked the primary election results. A person I had meet once and found to be a strong candidate, had lost. I noticed I had strong empathy for that person through out the yoga session.

The 3 pillars of yoga are the pose, breathing and being present. I wrestled with all three today. I struggled to be present and felt bad for the loosing candidate.  It was painful and annoying.

Day 4

I did not go to class. Stayed out late. Normally I would’ve pushed through because I made a commitment. It’s nice to be older and wiser now and be comfortable saying, “It’s just not the best thing for me today.”

Day 6

I stayed up past my bedtime. ¬†I love early mornings when I go to bed on time. I’m dragging.

Day 7

Sunday we practice the Heart Meditation. There are different position that are repeated. The point is releasing what needs to be released and bringing in what you want. ¬†Each person’s choices are different. This is what I chose.

Front (future)-release fear, bring in love. Side (current day)-release circumstances and bring in opportunity. Back (past)- release unhealthy relationships from the past and bring back past healthy relationships. Lovely!

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