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Meet Rebekah Jouret, Christian Chapel Academy

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What is your area of expertise?

Educator. 16 years teaching and 1 year as Principal.

How long have you been with this company?

1 year

To what do you attribute

your success?

First and foremost I would attribute any success I have to God! I also am blessed with an amazing family, supportive friends, and fabulous mentors who have helped me along the way!

From what do you draw strength?

I draw strength from God and His word. I also draw strength from the people that I interact with on a daily basis. Whether it is my family, friends, staff, or students they are so inspirational and so encouraging to me.

What inspires you?

I gain inspiration by knowing that the place God has put me and the role that I serve in has the potential to change lives and make an eternal difference. That is enough to get me up and out of bed even on the hard days because it’s not about me but God and everyone He wants me to serve.

How have other women impacted your life?

I have had the privilege to have many Godly women in my life both personally and educationally. I think that has allowed me to navigate my journey a little better. By watching them and taking their lead, I have been able to stay focused not only on the tasks at hand but also look ahead and plan for the future.

What strengths do you bring to those around you?

I would say that I am enthusiastic. I like to think I bring energy and positivity. I do my best to lead by example and with all of my heart.

On a typical weeknight, we could find you doing what?

Driving my kids to different activities or at home – cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with my family.

What advice would you give to a younger version of you?

Be the best You – everyone else is taken. Worry less about what everyone else thinks and focus on glorifying God, making your family proud, and being able to lay your head down at night with no regrets.

3300 South Providence Road, Columbia




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