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March: Closer Look

Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop

Paul Catlett and Thad Forrester solved a problem for the men of the Midwest. The pair addressed the lack of masculine yet stylish salons by opening Hudson Hawk, a barber shop with an emphasis on grooming options catered towards men. The salon offers a variety of shaving and haircutting options.
Catlett and Forrester opened Hudson Hawk in 2013, named after Forrester’s youngest son, Hudson, and Catlett’s youngest son, Hawkins.
Catlett has a background in construction, woodworking, and art. He attended Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles, a program designed to teach the fundamentals of hairdressing, and then returned to the Midwest to start his own salon. Forrester worked in advertising and marketing, but after exchanging ideas with Catlett, he too stepped into the world of owning a salon.
Catlett and Forrester have taken the concept from their Kansas City flagship store and opened multiple other locations around Missouri, including their recent addition in Columbia.
Address: 30 S. Ninth St.
Website: hudsonhawkbarbers.com
Contact: 573-818-2301

Superior Transitions LLC

Superior Transitions’ focus is all on developing talent within a business. It’s a common goal that directly relates to both their clients and their own employees.
The company wants to be Columbia’s “preferred source for staffing and other human resource activities,” creating opportunities for both clients and employees. Superior Transitions employees coach clients in knowledge and professionalism to better their chance of landing a job.
Superior Transitions measures their clients’ success in the satisfaction they have with their staff. Employee success is measured by having a healthy work–life balance.
The firm hopes their clients highlight the values they uphold in their day-to-day business: treating people right and having respect, integrity, commitment, professionalism, and passion. Superior Transitions also advertises a strong focus on a fair and just workplace with equal opportunities based on skill and knowledge.
Address: 1511 Timber Creek Dr.
Website: superiortransitionsllc.com
Contact: 573-356-9073

Ware’s Family Cookout

Shauntae Ware’s love of cooking evolved from a hobby to a business when she opened Ware’s Family Cookout.
Ware was encouraged by friends, family, and fellow church members to begin a business based off her food. “Cooking is not something I just woke up one day and said I wanted to do,” Ware says. “It has always been a dream of mine to open a small place where I could serve up some good, Southern soul food and barbecue that people would love.”
Ware prides her business on customer satisfaction. There is a company emphasis on being the best in food and service while also embodying a classic feeling of Southern comfort.
Ware’s Family Cookout is a seasonal establishment. While catering is available year-round, the location is closed for the winter and will reopen in the spring to serve barbecue favorites like ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and a variety of sides.
Address: 5695 E. Clark Lane
Website: waresfamilycookout.webs.com
Contact: 573-823-6418

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