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The Guy’s Guide

Everything you need to know about planning a date night, dressing sharp, and getting through your honey-do list.

We hope you’ll have a little fun reading our Guy’s Guide, courtesy of the women on COMO’s advisory board.

Dressing for the Date
By Nickie Davis

So, you’ve got the date. Well done! Now’s the time to figure out how to make the right first impression. You’ll need an outfit that’s well thought out but not overly so. Clean shaven or no shave? Two sprays of cologne or three? Jeans or slacks? Fancy watch or fancier watch?

Let’s start slow and easy. First off, look down. Do your pants have pleats? If so, take off your pants with pleats, put them in the trash bin, set the trash bin on fire, and run the opposite way. Well done.

Dark (flat front) denim is an easy favorite for the bottom half. And keep it to full pants for the first date, unless you’re going hiking. Let’s keep those knees and thighs to yourself for a date or two.

Secondly, first date shoes can range from Keds to Ferragamos. Nice shoes are good and all, but clean shoes are a must. Nobody should be walking around with a carefully thought out outfit and some funky-ass shoes. Check your cleanliness!
Ah, the old T-shirt debate. To collar or not to collar? Personally, I love a dude in a plain, well-fitted T-shirt. However, if you do not have a well-fitted T-shirt (or are unsure if you have a well-fitted T-shirt), consider swapping it out for an easy button-up. Depending on where you’re going for this date, button-ups might be the best policy anyway.

Okay, now let’s talk about the important stuff. Fit and comfort. If you’re not comfortable, it’s going to show. You’re already going to be sweaty (don’t lie), so make sure you’re not going too far outside your comfort zone. First dates are not the time to get crazy. Go with what you know and fancy it up a bit with a nice belt, good (clean) shoes, a tasteful watch, and a confident smile. That is, of course, as long as your comfort zone doesn’t include pleats.

Happy first date, my friend! You’ll wear whatever it is well if you wear it with confidence!

Planning a Date Night
By Adonica Coleman

So, you want to plan the perfect date night? The one that will get you to double digits on a scale of one to ten? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place.
You might be wondering what kind of experience I have that makes me the perfect date expert. Well that’s easy — I plan amazing events for a living, and more importantly, I have been on A LOT of dates in my years . . . some really good ones, some really bad ones. So now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Find out from the person you want to have this amazing date with what their idea of a fun time is. That sounds pretty simple, right? If you really want to make the date great for both of you, then ask for some ideas!

Listen to suggested ideas (see above). For example, if you decide that food is going to be involved, and you know from previous conversations that your person really enjoys a good steak from CC’s City Broiler, then don’t start telling them that you eat there a lot for work and you’re over it. (Sorry, I just let a little bit of personal experience seep through there). Listen to what they say and find a way to execute!

Add a little unexpected “wow” factor. Let’s be honest, a dinner date at a really efficient restaurant can be over in 60 to 90 minutes tops. Nobody wants to spend two hours getting ready for said date to only get home like a grandma at 8:15 p.m. And if said person is paying for a sitter, you better make it worth their time for even coming out! Plan something else fun to do after dinner. Do you have a nice dessert spot that you can go to and sip an espresso or a little wine while you gaze into each other’s eyes and chat? If not, find one!

You can also do something really kooky and plan a daytime date! If your person is outdoorsy, plan a bike ride and picnic on the trail, or take a walk in the park and then go for ice cream. Something light and fun on a nice day always makes for a great time. And as a bonus, your date won’t need to spend as much time getting glitzed up.

This is a super important tip, so listen up. DO NOT invite yourself over to Netflix and chill with someone. This is as socially egregious as inviting yourself to someone’s wedding. When your person is ready for that with you, they will surely let ya know . . . wait for the invitation!

That’s all I got. Take all these tips under advisement when planning your next date night and it’s sure to be a winner!

The DOs and DON’Ts of the Honey-Do List
By Jill Orr

DO answer every query with a jaunty affirmative.
Honey tells you the toilet’s clogged and asks if you mind plunging it.
You: “You betcha!*”
*Also acceptable: “Of course!” and “I’d be happy to!” and “You’re pretty!”

DON’T sound bitter or put-upon.
Honey remarks that the paint on the fence is starting to peel and asks if you could
freshen it up.
Resist the urge to say: “Oh sure — in addition to everything else I do around here,
why don’t you just add another task to my ever-growing list, your Majesty!”
Instead, consider something like: “Sure! I didn’t really want to watch the game anyway!”

DO use positive reframing.
Honey tells you that the grout in the bathroom is looking pretty grungy and asks
if there is any chance you could clean it this weekend.
You: “Good idea. Thanks for having such a great eye for detail!”
Note: For best results, refrain from delivering this line with biting sarcasm or any furtive eye-rolling.

DON’T answer a question
with a question.
Honey: The door to the kitchen is making a squeaking sound. Can you fix that?
You: Can you?
Try instead: “I’ll go get the WD-40!”

DO resist the urge to point fingers.
When Honey asks you to please get the hair out of the shower drain, it’s not constructive to play the blame game. (“But I’m bald!”)
Instead, try looking on the bright side and even sneaking in a compliment.
Example: “Of course, I will. You have such pretty hair, by the way. And you look really fit lately . . . have you been doing Pilates?”

DON’T be afraid to call in professional reinforcements when needed.
Honey: “I noticed that there’s a family of possums living under the deck. They look pretty angry. And kind of organized too. Do you mind poking your head under there and figuring out what to do?”
You: “Um, I think I’ll call animal control. And then our real estate agent.”

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