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December: A Closer Look

This month, we take a look at three of Columbia’s newest businesses or locations – NextHome Paradigm, Trailside Animal Hospital, and Grandma’s Southern Eats.

NextHome Paradigm
Betsy Woodruff has owned an advertising agency, served as the director of marketing and communications for the Missouri Association of Realtors, and worked as a real estate agent for House of Brokers Realty. Now, she’s decided to use her experience in service marketing and real estate to get back into the entrepreneurial spirit.

“The idea of selling real estate and being my own boss and having my own business again was really attractive,” she says.

Betsy opened her own brokerage through NextHome Paradigm in September. NextHome Paradigm is a top national realty franchise. “I really like the way that NextHome prioritizes clients and not the property,” she says.

She finds happiness in helping people make decisions about property. As the purchases she helps with are significant ones, she tries to be as proactive as possible to prepare clients for what’s ahead.

3201 S. Providence Rd., #204

Trailside Animal Hospital
Trailside Animal Hospital is the newest place for the needs of Columbia’s furry friends. Husband and wife duo, Julie and Travis Neil, have worked alongside each other since the clinic’s opening in September to turn a dream into reality. “We were ready for a change,” Julie says. Her nearly 20-year veterinary background combined with Travis’ experience in business provided the two with a seemingly natural next step.

The couple hopes to stand out not only through personalized services, but also through the convenience of their location as the only veterinary clinic in southwest Columbia. Julie also says that their “paperless, paper light” approach sets them apart from others. They currently utilize text and email reminders and plan to incorporate an online pharmacy complete with home deliveries on their future website.

“We’re just looking forward to getting into a routine and practicing very good vet med and making clients happy and taking care of pets,” Julie says.

4103 W. Vawter School Rd., Ste. 109

Grandma’s Southern Eats
Sophia Smith never met her father, but she says that he passed something on to her – a passion for making barbecue sauce. “It was like a spiritual transfer thing,” she says.

With the help of volunteers from her nonprofit organization, Sophia’s Helping Hand, Sophia runs Grandma’s Southern Eats, a catering business that launched in July. She has created 12 unique barbecue sauce flavors, but only four are currently available: hopping spicy, sweet and sassy, sipping scotch, and original.

Sophia’s late sister had dreams to open a restaurant. Grandma’s Southern Eats is a sort of tribute to her, along with Sophia’s mother and grandmother. “It was good old soul food that brought the family together in love,” she says. The business isn’t only a personal triumph for Sophia; it’s also a cultural one as she’s added another black-owned business to Columbia. She hopes to one day open a small or mid-sized restaurant and put her sauces on the shelves of local stores, Hy-vee, and Walmart.

5313 Currituck Ln.

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