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CYSK: Liz and Lee Sensintaffar

Liz and Lee Sensintaffar describe their first date, their kids, and how they stay involved in the community.

How did you meet?

Liz: We met at a Super Bowl party at the Blue Note in 2006. It was my first shift as a cocktail waitress, and he was working as a bouncer. He thought my name was Jennifer. After every shift, he would walk me to my car, and we would talk. 

What was your first date?

Lee: Our first date was supposed to be on Valentine’s day, but she ghosted me the day of. I ended up spending the day alone in my room eating the chocolates that I had bought for her. I may have called her out about standing me up and said that the offer still stood. She asked what the plan was, and I told her that we were going “where kids go to have fun, duh” — A.K.A. Chuck E. Cheese.

What is the key to a lasting and healthy relationship?

Liz: Communication. We work so much better as a team when we’re communicating with one another and not just talking to each other, but sharing and expressing the entire range of our emotions — be they joy or frustration. 

Lee: Realizing that the other person in the relationship is an independent individual with aspirations, hobbies, and goals that may need nurturing and encouragement is pretty important. 

What is your favorite way to get involved in the community together?

Liz: I work for Woodhaven, and I love it when Lee gets involved with helping make the lives of those we support better. Whether that’s teaming up to help someone we serve get the tattoo of their dreams [Lee is the co-owner of Iron Tiger Tattoo], donating supplies, or working together to make our special events go great. Lee has always been a superstar at helping our Zombie Pub Crawl go smoothly. I love working with him at that event. 

Lee: Since Liz works at Woodhaven, we generally volunteer our resources and energy with them, both monetarily and with help in events and planning. She lets me know the need, and then we find a way to make it happen. 

What is unique about your relationship?

Liz: We have completely opposite schedules, so we often high-five on our way in or out the door, but we somehow find a way to make that work. It’s not always easy, but it allows us to work towards our goals and homeschool our kids. 

Lee: The circus act that we do with juggling the kids is pretty impressive sometimes. Since we work opposite schedules and don’t utilize childcare, raising the kids has almost become a relay race. 

How does our theme of nonprofits play into your relationship?

Liz: We believe strongly that it’s our responsibility to help those in need. I work in a great nonprofit, and Lee might as well be on the payroll there, too. He’s always willing to help in whatever capacity to make sure the men and women we support have what they need.

What has been your favorite project to work on together?

Lee: I would probably say that the most fun project to work on was the fundraiser for Woodhaven’s annual gift card drive — we let the community vote on what Christmas themed tattoo I should get. A vote costs $5, and boy did folks get real generous when they found out that I was going to bleed for it.

Tell us about your family.

Liz: We have two amazing children: Madeline, 4, and Levi, 2. Madeline is so sweet, sassy, and smart. Levi is loud, rambunctious, and hilarious. They always try to make sure everyone they meet feels welcome and seen. We are lucky to be their parents.     

What is the best quality of your partner?

Liz: His sense of humor keeps me laughing, and his generosity constantly reminds me that we can always do more to help others. He gives so freely and without expectation of anything in return. 

Lee: Liz is passionate about helping people in everything that she does. She’s incapable of not giving her all.  She’s constantly striving to better herself with the end goal being that she can better help those around her. 

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