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Closer Look: January 2021

Calving Technologies

Libby Martin grew up on her family’s farm. She’s been surrounded by cattle her entire life, and now, she’s created a startup to reflect her upbringing — Calving Technologies. In April of 2019, Calving Technologies officially became an LLC, offering cutting-edge technology that benefits both farmers and their cattle. 

“What we’re doing is creating a device that helps monitor pregnant cows during the last part of their pregnancy,” Libby says. “This way, farmers can have a better idea of how those animals are acting and when they will have their calf.” 

Libby hopes to continue building the team and bring on data scientists and coders to develop an app that will help power the systems. 

“[Our technology] provides a timeframe of notice for farmers,” Libby says. “Farmers would have a six- to 12-hour timeframe leading up to the calving event, so farmers will know what’s about to happen.” She adds that this helps farmers to know when they need to be at the farm to help the cow through labor if she needs it.


Adaptable Pilates

In September of 2019, Jennifer Mullen, doctor of physical therapy and Pilates instructor, purchased and rebranded Adaptable Pilates. What started out as a small, 840-square-foot space for Pilates and physical therapy has now more than doubled in size with its recent expansion that was completed in September of 2020 — a year after Jennifer originally purchased the studio. 

Adaptable Pilates offers group reformer classes, Pilates reformer classes, virtual mat classes, individual Pilates lessons, and physical therapy. “For anyone that has chronic pain, Pilates is a really good fit, and with my physical therapy background, I can offer either service, individualized to the person I’m working with at the time,” Jennifer explains.

The recent expansion has allowed Jennifer to go from being “mostly a Pilates instructor” to focusing more on growing the physical therapy aspect of the business, a goal of hers for the next year. In the future, Jennifer hopes to bring on more instructors to help her increase the class schedules and offer more targeted courses for people who live with neurological conditions.

300 St. James St., Ste. 101-102

RENEW Spa, Salon & Sauna

“My whole life, I’ve burned the candle at both ends, leaving little time for relaxation and self-care,” Megan Waigandt, co-owner of RENEW Spa, Salon & Sauna, says. When she was in her 30s, she began adapting a wellness routine that helped her both inside and out. Now, Megan has made it her mission to help others find their state of calm so they can live their best lives, and she’s doing just that with RENEW. 

RENEW is a full-service salon, spa, and sauna that offers cuts, colors, blowouts, lash lifts, facials, and relaxation. “Our mission is to promote self-care and wellness,” Megan says. “It’s always our goal to do our best to assist people with their self-improvement journeys while respecting the planet and its creatures.” 

Every vendor the studio uses advocates for animal-friendly and environmentally sustainable practices. RENEW is an authorized retailer of Eminence Organic Skin Care, so for every product sold, a tree is planted and portions of the sale go towards feeding organic meals to children in cancer treatment facilities.

911 E. Broadway

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