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Curt and Krista Kippenberger

Curt and Krista Kippenberger discuss their first date, working together, and their future plans for their business, Focus on Health.

How did you meet?

Curt: Krista moved to our hometown, Rolla, the summer before our freshman year. She met another girl that was in the group I hung out with before the school year began. Long story short: I met Krista on the first day of freshman year at the lunch table.

What was your first date? 

Krista: The homecoming dance in October 1997, but it wasn’t a real first date because he had broken up with me the week of the dance to get back with his ex-girlfriend. He was a gentleman and still went to the dance with me since we had already made plans. He soon broke up with his ex-girlfriend again, and we officially started dating again in January 1998.

What keeps you busy during the week? 

C: Krista and I live parallel lives during the week. The clinic and gym captivate the majority of my attention while Krista keeps the peace at home and makes sure the community presence of Focus on Health is on point. We try to leave work behind and connect at dinner or an evening family walk and entertain our two girls. 

What’s it like to work together? 

K: I love working together — at first, we only had each other. We were each other’s coach. Now, I’m not in the office as much since I’m out marketing, but we can always come together and talk about what’s going on inside the business daily. 

What interests or excites you about working in the health care field? 

C: I truly believe that we offer the foundation of health care. Having fitness training and conservative care all under one roof has been a dream of mine since we founded Focus on Health. Our mission is to influence the health and mobility of our community. We empower patients to make conscious health care decisions, and we give them the tools to manage many of their musculoskeletal issues on their own.  

What do you like to do in your free time? 

C: I love mountain biking and rock climbing. We do this as a family and with many friends. Those of you who know me well may not believe I’m an introvert, but my hobbies allow me to recharge so I can be present with my family and patients. We highly value travel and will often find places that we can pursue our hobbies outdoors.  

K: Work on projects around our house like remodeling or gardening, and date nights, too.

What is the key to a lasting and healthy relationship? 

K: Knowing each other’s expectations through communication. 

What is the best quality of your partner? 

C: Krista has a lot of love and passion for our family. She keeps us glued together.
I have been with her for 22 years, and I can’t imagine going on this journey with anyone else.  

K: How calm he is in the storm. He has been the one who has kept me calm throughout this pandemic and the ups
and downs of 2020. 

What is unique about your relationship? 

C: Krista and I rely heavily on each other, but we are also wildly independent. You will often see us in different locations when at a party or a gathering. But beware: If fun Curt and fun Krista get together on a dance floor, we’re sure to steal the show!

What does the future hold for the two of you? 

K: We are designing a digital course for chiropractic students called Tri 11 The Missing Course. This will be a crash course in the systems we use in our business, showing new doctors how to jumpstart their own practice.

What has been your favorite project to work on together? 

C: We do a ton of home projects and remodeling. I can’t say it’s my favorite, but I love spending active time with my family. It’s something we can all do together, and I do love the results!

K: Growing Focus on Health. I love talking business with Curt and dreaming with him. I love bringing those dreams into reality together. 

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