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February: A Closer Look

This month, we take a look at three of Columbia’s businesses – Crumbl Cookies, Crazy Good Burritos, and BagChasersOnly + Urban Kulture.

Crumbl Cookies

In a tucked-away strip on Conley Road, you’ll find Crumbl Cookies, owned and operated by Beverly and Chad Davis. The duo opened the gourmet cookie bakery in November of 2020 with a grand opening that had cookie lovers lined outside of the shop waiting to try the newest cookie spot. 

“We serve big cookies,” Chad says with a small laugh. “But what’s unique about us is that we have a rotating menu.” Every week, the bakery has six cookies available. There are two staples — chocolate chip and chilled sugar — and every Monday, the four cookies of the week will begin. “We have over 100 different cookies that we offer, so every week is a new line-up,” he adds.

Chad describes a visit to Crumbl Cookies as a sensory experience. When customers walk into the bakery, they’re greeted by the staff, they can see the process of the cookies being made, and then, once they’re home, they can take that long-awaited bite.

21 Conley Rd Ste. R

Crazy Good Burritos

At every family gathering Maribel Torres attends, the first question she’s asked is “What do you want to eat?” 

Food has always been a prevalent part of Maribel’s life. In fact, it’s basically a tradition in her family to open your own restaurant, and in September of 2020, she did just that with the opening of Crazy Good Burritos.

The restaurant serves California-style Mexican food, with a specialty of, you guessed it, burritos. But that’s not all the restaurant offers — there’s also tacos and nachos and much, much more. “We have great food for reasonable prices,” Maribel says. “I love providing food in large portions as much as I can.” She adds that sometimes, one burrito can feed a whole family.

Within the next few years, Maribel hopes to open more locations, specifically on the south side of town. And as she continues to grow, she hopes to continue to provide large portions to customers at an affordable price.

815 Business Loop 70 E.

BagChasersOnly + Urban Kulture

In 2019, BagChasersOnly was created as an online clothing store with a mission to inspire others and motivate them to meet their goals, regardless of age. The brand offers a collection of urban apparel, and this year, the store is expanding to have a physical storefront in collaboration with Urban Kulture, a brick-and-mortar store that will offer BagChasers products and support local creators around the community. “We help artists in town sell their creations, and we’ll represent them in our store,” says Gavin McHenry, one of the eight owners of BagChasers.

Supporting the community is a priority for this business, they explain. “We’re always working on projects to give back to the community,” co-owner Darrius Washington explains. “Whether it’s helping with the food bank, or helping with protests downtown for gun violence, we’re always looking at new ideas to give back to the community we grew up in.”

Facebook: BagChasersOnly  

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