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Not Your Average Office

Convergence Companies’ new space shines.

Just one year ago, Travis Cook, Adam Bethel, and Bill Costello were standing in a gutted shell of a building with only a few hard hats and some big dreams. Now, that empty structure has been transformed into the beautiful and functional home of Convergence Companies.

With financial, accounting, insurance, and lending branches under the company’s umbrella, it was important to the Convergence trio to have a place where every member of the team would be nearby.

“Now, we have the opportunity to collaborate on a daily basis with other professionals,” says Travis, CEO, explaining that individuals from every branch of the company are now able to coordinate with one another at a moment’s notice without having to wait for a response. “It doesn’t cost a client anything. They don’t have to wait for us.”

Keeping it Comfortable

“We built out of a total of about 8,000 square feet and put 14 offices in that space,” says Bill, senior vice president of Convergence Companies. “At this point, we’ve maximized every square inch, but we are still getting ready to add some more modular offices to try to take advantage of the little remaining space we have.”

Luckily for the Convergence team, maximizing space does not mean skimping out on the creature comforts. The building, located on the south side of town, is far less clinical than one would expect an office to be. With big windows, spacious individual work spaces, comfortable chairs, soft lighting, and a large kitchen, the Convergence office feels inviting. On the walls, you can spot multiple original works of art commissioned by the team and created by local artist Jenny McGee.

“We wanted to feature local artists and the entire essence — everything that we’re doing with this space — is really focused on keeping it local,” Bill explains. “From the contractors we use to the coffee we brew, everything is local here. That’s because we want to give back to the community. We want to do business with people in the community.”

Convergence Companies even has two Logboat beers on tap. That’s right: There is an in-office bar. Smack dab in the heart of the office lies the client center, which features cozy chairs, a large wall-mounted television, and a small bar for celebrations.

“We see the space as threefold,” Travis says about the office’s client center. “One, it’s an opportunity to talk to clients. Two, it’s a great place — especially as the organization grows — to do some cool things like team happy hour or office parties. Third, it’s a place to do community events. Just the other day, the United Way brought their leadership team as they were getting ready for their upcoming campaign, and we were able to host them here.”

All Under one Roof

The building’s versatility is a big draw; it hosted a pool hall, a bar, a French steakhouse, and a catering company before Convergence took over the space. The team says that although figuring out what to do with all the leftover kitchen equipment was a hassle, it was certainly worth it.

“We wanted everybody under one roof with some integration, but also a bit of separation, too,” Bill says. “By having all of these services in the same building, it really does make [our client’s] financial lives easier.”

“We have a lot of clients that hire us and will use our multiple services,” Travis explains. “If you have a financial advisor, an accountant, and an insurance agent that are all separate, the client has to be their own financial quarterback. They are taking their information, relaying it to each professional, and hoping they didn’t get any piece of communication wrong along the way. But here, we get to be the financial quarterback for our clients. It’s more simple. We’re all in one place, and I think a lot of our clients really like the convenience and simplicity.”

Not only was the remodel an arduous process, but the Convergence team also chose to expand during one of the most difficult times for Mid-Missouri businesses.

“We did all this in the middle of the pandemic, which I think is significant,” Bill says. “There was so much contraction and fear and anxiety for businesses. In that challenging and uncertain time, we leaned into growth and expansion to provide better services for our clients. Not to toot our own horn, but we didn’t shrivel up and get in the fetal position during a very tough time — we saw it as an opportunity.”

Since then, Convergence Companies has hired 10 new associates and made new connections, like their partnership with Callaway Bank.

“The biggest thing we’re working on right now is building a really, really solid foundation of people and professionals,” Travis says. “We want to be a complete and total wealth management company capable of helping thousands of clients here in the Mid-Missouri market and giving them a really high quality product and service. We’re always on the lookout for really great people to add to our team that believe in our cause and what we’re trying to do, and we are always interested in adding more clients to our roster.”

This growth has already begun, and as Travis has noticed, Convergence Companies’ success is thanks in part to the new office. He says, “My opinion is that since we’ve been around each other, each professional just makes one another better and stronger.” 

Convergence Companies
3919 S. Providence Rd.
(573) 818-2264

July 2016
Convergence Financial is formed.

November 2019
Convergence Insurance is formed.

January 2020

Convergence Accounting is formed.

June 2020
Convergence Companies is formed.

August 2020
Financial Planners of Missouri and Convergence Financial merge together under the Convergence Financial name.

September 2020
Construction on Convergence Companies’ new headquarters begins at 3919 S. Providence Rd.

October 2020
Convergence Lending is formed, utilizing Commercial Trust Company as its first loan underwriting partner.

March 15, 2021
Convergence Companies opens its new 8,000-square-foot office.

May 10, 2021
Convergence Financial launches partnership with The Callaway Bank to service investment clients from a new office located in the bank’s main branch in Fulton.

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