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Coming Home 

A unique home goods shop filled with what you love best about coming home, located in the North Village Arts District, Coming Home specializes in unique, nostalgic, and sustainable items. Some of its most popular items include Bee’s Wraps, stasher bags, and Swedish dishcloths, just to name a few of the reusable items.

Located in the Balsamo Warehouse for the past five and a half years, Coming Home wants to assist you with that special gift or to help you start on your nonsingle-use journey. Owner Jean Gruenewald saw a need in the community for a place like Coming Home.

“Our family has always done the reusing, recycling before it was even a thing … growing up on a farm and my mom went to the first Earth Day 50-plus years ago,” she says. “When I started the shop one of the things I wanted to carry was sustainable items and have been on a constant search since then to continue to add more of those to my inventory.”

Coming Home is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and from 5 to 9 p.m. during First Fridays in the North Village.

110 Orr St. Ste. 103

Wishflour Bakery 

After being told multiple times that she should open a bakery, owner Marcey Mertens did just that with Wishflour Bakery.

In 2006, after going for a walk, the early ideas of Wishflour Bakery and its signature dandelion logo were conceived. From its website, Marcey says, “While baking is what we love to do, Wishflour Bakery is so much more. It’s a dream that didn’t wither or give up with life’s challenges and difficulties or even the passing of time. … We are profoundly grateful for the community of extraordinary people that have loved this dream into a reality as much as we have.”

Most known for its made-from-scratch baked goods such as cookies, cakes, scones, and cheesecake bites, Wishflour Bakery is always open to other fun customer requests.

1023 E. Walnut, Ste. 7

Eclipse Catering and Events 

In January 2022, Eclipse Catering and Events reorganized and rebranded into what it is now, a full-service catering company with service to all of mid-Missouri.

“We firmly believe that everyone deserves a caterer that cares about their event, so we are dedicated to bringing you premiere catering at a price you can feel good about,” says Leanne Geiss co-owner along with Josiah Williams. With a combined 40 years of experience in the catering and events industry, Eclipse Catering and Events is the largest locally-owned and operated catering and events company in Columbia with 82 employees.

Leanne says, “Eclipse Catering and Events was born of the idea that everyone deserves a caterer that cares about creating a memorable experience for their guests. We discovered a need in the community — a need for quality caterers committed to providing the true start-to-finish experience for their clients, whether that’s recreating grandma’s signature dish for a family gathering, working with our mixologist to create custom cocktails, or catering your corporate event.” CBT

22 N. 10th St.

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