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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Kasey Hammock

Kasey Hammock

Founder and Co-Conspirator, Partner for Better

Kasey starts each day with a cup of coffee, and from there it’s off to the races.

“At Partner for Better, I have the privilege of working alongside our nonprofit community, helping them solve some of our most pressing community issues,” she says.”I get to break down barriers that have made communities most vulnerable, here in Columbia and across the US., in addition to my typical day of volunteering with a community partner, writing a major grant proposal, or brainstorming a solution to complex issues facing an executive director. You might also find me teaching a class of social work students, grading papers, working on my dissertation proposal, or running statistical code.”

Kasey acknowledges that none of her accomplishments were possible on her own. She says they all took people supporting her, her dreams, and her often wild and ambitious ideas.

“It’s probably cheesy, but my parents deserve so much credit. I’ve always been multi-passionate, creative, and taken life in gulps rather than sips — a kind way of saying I was a wild child,” she says. “They’ve always supported that fire and drive and have been there for me every step of the way.”

Kasey adds, “Also, I have to credit the team and board at First Chance for Children for challenging me, supporting me, and being all-around incredible humans as I learned to be their leader. And of course, my friends, family, and colleagues who have edited more pages than they can probably count, stayed up late nights with me when I was burning the midnight oil, encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t continue, celebrated my successes, and most importantly have been there every single step of the way. It’s my community who has made me who I am.”

Friend and mentor, Chuck Bowman, says, “Kasey is a giver. She is passionate about helping people in our community. In the past year, she has started her own company to pursue her passion for helping others, Partners for Better. Through her extensive knowledge of nonprofits, she has worked with over 40 nonprofits, helping them secure over one million dollars in funds that will help them improve their programs and continue to help those in need. Her extensive grant writing knowledge and training will help these organizations for years to come.”

In addition to this 20 Under 40 accomplishment, Kasey has also been awarded the 2017 Harry S. Truman Award of Public Service and was one of the 2022 Top 10 Mizzou Entrepreneurs.

Age: 28

Fun fact: I’m a trained ceramicist and have a studio (covered in cobwebs currently) in my garage.

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