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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Misty Phillips

Misty Phillips

Missouri Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Manager, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Cancer is the second leading cause of death, and Misty is more than doing her part to fight the fight.

“As the Missouri Comprehensive Cancer program manager, I am responsible for working with partners across the state on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, and survivorship. To accomplish this massive task, I focus on implementing evidence-based interventions that lessen the burden of cancer,” Misty says. “A misconception about what I might do is that I do not focus only on one cancer. Comprehensive Cancer is about focusing on the highest needs and burdens related to all cancers and partnering together with others to make improvements across the state. It is a big job and couldn’t be accomplished alone.”

Misty recently worked with partners across Missouri to implement the first-ever state employee cancer screening event, which saw over 240 individuals attend the first screening event. In addition to that, Misty has a plethora of community involvement. She continues to aim higher and sets goals for herself.

“My professional goals for 2023 include starting my doctorate in healthcare administration degree in January of 2023. In addition to my education and if accepted, I plan to participate in the Leadership Academy offered through the State of Missouri for emerging leaders,” she adds. “I look forward to taking additional leadership training, cancer-related training, participating in conferences, and being involved in Women’s Network and Chamber of Commerce events.” 

Friend and Women’s Network chair, Liz Townsend Bird, says, “Misty’s engagement with Women’s Network was impactful. She was a dependable and energetic leader both as a general member of the organization at large, but also as a co-chair of the mentoring program committee. When Misty changed jobs, she was no longer able to participate in the Women’s Network, and she was sorely missed. She truly believes in life-long learning and investing in herself, which makes her even more valuable to her community and professional network.”

Misty has always been intrinsically motivated but says that she is also motivated by seeing the fruits of her labor when it truly makes a positive impact on the lives of others.

“My life principles or guiding values include always doing the right thing — integrity — no matter what or how hard it gets; being kind and helping others along the way; using my skills to be of service; and being passionate about the work I am doing; and lastly to be happy by focusing on self-care, gratitude, quality time with others, and partaking in hobbies,” Misty says. 

Age: 39

Annoying habit: I like to keep my inbox totally cleared. Yes, I am one of those people.

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