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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Robert Sobule

Robert Sobule

Physician Assistant, Director of Advanced Practice Provider Psychiatry Fellowships, University of Missouri School of Medicine

Robert is responsible for developing the APP Psychiatry Fellowship Program with the University of Missouri School of Medicine’s Psychiatry Department, a professional accomplishment he is very proud of.

“In 2017, I was the first PA hired in the department. Having achieved this, I wanted to see more training and education in psychiatry, as well as a desire to develop a program to increase the number of mental health providers in Missouri to meet the incredible need of so many struggling with mental illness,” Robert says. “I was given the uniquely challenging opportunity to develop a program while at the same time going through it. Since then, the program has grown to include a specialty track for child and adolescent psychiatry. I have also partnered with the United States Coast Guard to train their PAs in psychiatry.” 

Outside of the boundless love and support of his parents, Robert gives credit to one person for being the most vital part of his success and leadership: Dr. Muaid Ithman, vice chair of clinical operations and associate professor of clinical psychiatry; MU Department of Psychiatry, medical director for Psychiatric Interventional Services for MU Health Care; and Missouri Psychiatric Center associate medical director.

“Dr. Muaid Ithman decided to invest in me early on in my psychiatry training at MU. Never — outside of parents of course — has anyone spent so much time, put in so much effort, and truly invested in me as Dr. Ithman did,” Robert continues. “He has challenged me, advocated for me when I faced resistance, encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed, and has always been there. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Ithman, and I hope he knows that whatever future accomplishments or challenges I overcome, he had a direct influence on my success.”

The respect between mentor and mentee is mutual.

“Mr. Sobule is a bright individual who is driven and committed to serving his community. He exhibited clinical, leadership, and a strong commitment to the field of psychiatry, Dr. Ithman says. “He is clearly a caring and competent health provider, as well as a community member who is committed to serving his community and others to the best of his ability.”

Call it cliché, but Robert believes that living by the “golden rule” really can make a difference.

“Throughout my life, I have placed great emphasis on the principles of respect, empathy, humility, and hard work,” he says.

Age: 36

Fun Fact: I’m an avid (unhealthily obsessed) Denver Broncos fan(atic). I am way too emotionally (and financially) invested in this team.

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