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Closer Look – May 2023

Jade and the Saw Wooden Picture of Columbia

Jade and The Saw 

Husband-and-wife duo Mike and Ronnie are the creatives behind Jade and the Saw. They say they started that journey together in 2020 to discover a new purpose. “We wanted a way to connect with others and provide a little cheer amidst all of the chaos and uncertainty going on in the world,” they say on their website. “We quickly found our niche in designing playful and modern wooden wall art and custom toy chests for kid’s spaces, and we do a handful of seasonal-holiday art sales throughout the year.” Their aim is to design pieces that are aesthetically pleasing to adults “yet playful enough to inspire little ones.” Mike and Ronnie say they are constantly evolving and introducing new products, but overall, their goal remains the same: to bring you a little more everyday magic and help you create spaces that make you smile. All of their original work is made by hand out of their home in Columbia. Jade and the Saw is currently online only, with a large presence on Instagram.

Jade and the Saw Wooden Pictures on a shelf
Jade and the Saw Wooden Pictures on a shelf
Jade and the Saw owners, Mike and Ronnie holding creations
Jade and the Saw owners, Mike and Ronnie holding creations

Instagram: @jadeandthesaw

Aurora Medical Spa 

Aurora Medical Spa is a state-of-the-art medical spa, providing Botox, filler, and aesthetic services. Paige Boyer is the primary owner and founder. She has joined with John Diehl and Christian Howell to partner at 505 E. Nifong. With the slogan “inspiring confidence and empowering all,” the team aims to do just that with its Columbia location. “Self-care is so important for the busy American lifestyle. We want to provide quality aesthetic care to inspire confidence and empower individuals in their daily lives,” says Marina Zager, marketing director.  After noticing a steady increase of Columbians making the trip to the original St. Louis location — the team decided it was time to move the medical spa closer to home. “We want Aurora to be a place where people can come to look and feel their best, in a beautiful environment, with the highest level of customer service,” Marina says. “We also look forward to being involved in Mizzou alumni and city of Columbia events.” 

505 E. Nifong Blvd., Ste. 107

Moon Yoga 

Moon Yoga is a vinyasa yoga studio located in the soul of downtown Columbia, offering classes made to challenge the mind and body and meet you at your level. Owner Amber Treece found her love for vinyasa-style yoga after spending several years in Arizona learning the art. She knew she needed to bring this style of yoga back home to COMO, her website explains. “In my time in the southwest, I found myself drawn to the vinyasa style of yoga. The way you can get lost in your own breath and movement with the help of music really moves me (pun intended). I find so much inspiration from those warm big sky desert nights,” Amber says. “Still to this day, I could stare at the moon for hours on end. I feel drawn to it. It was then that my Moon Yoga wheels started turning.” Moon Yoga prides itself on being a place where everyone feels welcome, offering a variety of classes and memberships. 

23 S. 4th St.

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