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Closer Look: June 2023

June Closer Look
Dada Doner

Dada Döner 

Dada Döner is a mobile food business serving delicious Turkish food since April of this year. They specialize in one thing very well — the chicken döner.

The Turkish word döner comes from dönmek (“to turn” or “to rotate”). After 24 hours of marinating, the meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Customers have the choice of enjoying the chicken as a wrap, a sandwich, or a dinner plate that is served with rice and a salad. Owner Vahap Ulker says that he believed Columbia was missing out on Turkish food.

“I want people to experience Turkish food,” he explains. “I bring tasty and high-quality food and part of Turkish culture.”

Vahap compares the döner as similar to a gyro or shawarma. Dada Döner can be found around Columbia most weekends with the location always shared on its Facebook page. 

Facebook: Dada Döner

Kw Designs

KW Designs 

Kate Whittaker, owner of KW Designs, says she has found the best of both worlds combining her love of interior design and throwing a perfectly decorated party.

“I would say I am known for my creativity and the ability to take risks when it comes to design. We built our own home two years ago and I handled the interior design myself without any outside help,” Kate says. “Most recently I would say I am known for my balloon décor for events. The ability to create things and use my creativity is so much fun.”

Kate says she wants to leave every space prettier than before she got there, whether through one of her many styles of balloon art or expanding her creativity with interior design. KW Designs launched in February 2023 with hopes of growing one project at a time. Kate is currently running her passion projects out of her home and is eager to see what the future of design brings.

“I would love to be able to make this into my full-blown, heart and soul, full-time business and the only way to do that is by continuing to grow my business with the amazing people in this community and getting my name out there,” she says.


Platinum Paws

Platinum Paws 

Platinum Paws is a dog grooming salon where every dog gets the ultimate spaw day! Owner Melodi Wisswell says that each dog gets pampered with the highest quality shampoo and conditioner and unconditional love. She is currently the sole stylist.

“I have been grooming for almost nine years now. I started for a corporation and as much as I am grateful for my training and my start, I was fully ready to own my own shop and be in charge of my schedule,” Melodi says.

After graduating from Columbia College with a business degree, she moved around a bit before returning home to Columbia to plant her roots.

“I love my clients and want to give them everything they deserve in a smaller, more intimate environment,” she says, “I have always had a love and passion for animals.”

3410 W Broadway Business Park Ct., Suite 107

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