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Chamber Benefit Plan Offers Savings for Small Businesses  

Small Business Owners High Fiving

When I speak with our members about the challenges they face in the rising cost of doing business, one factor is consistent across businesses large and small, private and nonprofit – the cost of employer-sponsored healthcare is enormous and rising at a shocking pace. 

The ability to offer healthcare benefits can be a critical recruiting and retention tool for business owners, and as employers face more staffing challenges than ever, the competition for employees is fierce. However, the high cost of most plans puts this benefit out of reach for many small businesses.  

Our Chamber is proud to partner with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry to offer the Chamber Benefit Plan to all our member businesses. By acting as one entity, the Missouri Chamber is able to negotiate for competitive rates for insurance as if it were one large business with many employees and pass those opportunities on to small businesses around the state. The Chamber Benefit Plan offers several plan options to meet your organization’s needs and can be purchased by any Chamber member in good standing with two to 50 employees. The business must also be domiciled in Missouri to be eligible.  

The Chamber Benefit Plan offers employers the opportunity to save money over purchasing a plan as an individual buyer and gives small businesses for whom healthcare benefits might not be an option the opportunity to attract and retain great employees because they can now provide this important benefit. 

If you’re a Chamber member and you haven’t investigated the Chamber Benefit Plan, it’s worth looking to see if this solution could be right for your business. You can learn more about plans and benefits offered on the Missouri Chamber’s website, mochamber.com,  and if you’re not a Chamber member, let’s chat! 

Reach out to Matthew Rogers, our director of membership, for information about joining the Chamber and accessing this amazing membership benefit.

From mochamber.com/membership/missouri-chamber-benefit-plan:

  • Must have 2–50 eligible employees
    enrolled in your medical plan
  • Must be domiciled in Missouri
  • Must be in good standing with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry or your local participating chamber that satisfies the Missouri Department of Insurance requirements

Matt McCormick

Matt McCormick is the president and CEO of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

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