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October 2023: What’s Going Up?

Columbia Independent School upper school expansion

One-hundred and fifty-three permits for new roofs and six permits for new townhouses in the East Campus neighborhood were issued by Columbia’s building and site development office in August.

The roofing permits totaled $5.37 million in valuation. Overall, the building and site development office issued 220 permits with a valuation of $33.79 million. The valuation includes a $13.53 million commercial addition — construction of new space and renovations at Columbia Independent School.

In addition, 20 permits were issued for single family residential homes, totaling $8 million in valuation.

Coil Construction is the contractor for the Columbia Independent School building addition at 1801 N. Stadium Blvd. COMO Business Times reported in July that permits for land disturbance, footings, and other pre-build work had been approved earlier and that work was under way. The building permit was issued on August 29, listing a valuation of $13.53 million, which is $3.7 million less than the amount listed on the previous permits.

Other highlights of the August 2023 building permit report:

Six Townhouses

Six townhouses, each valued at $327,210, are set for construction at 1617 University Avenue in Fyfer’s Subdivision, just east of Boone Hospital. Apartments No. 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106 are included in the permit that lists “owner contractor” for the construction. The total valuation of the six townhouses is $1.86 million.

Broadway Business Park Court

Starr Construction Management LLC is the contractor for a project at 3401 Broadway Business Park Court, Suite 213, with a total valuation of $250,000. The building permit for commercial alterations will add seven offices and a lobby encompassing 7,954 square feet.

Famous Footwear

A Famous Footwear store will be located between Sam’s Club and Subway at 27 Conley Road, Suite 112. The $180,000 project is an interior improvement of 4,447 square feet. Atlas Building Group is the contractor; the Kroenke Group owns the property. (Eleven permits for commercial alterations, totaling $2.16 million, were issued in August.)

Club Carwash

Coil Construction continues to build Club Carwash facilities, with the latest slated to be built at 5424 Clark Lane. The ground-up carwash project will have 5,033 square feet and a valuation of $911,878.

The Columbia Country Club is getting a new pool house at 2220 Country Club Drive. Little Dixie Construction is the contractor. The project has a valuation of $367,392.

Anderson Homes is building a spacious, 6,097-square-foot single family residence at Breckenridge on Briar Rose Court. The valuation is $769,284.

Anderson Homes is also renovating an existing space into a new liquor store at 2900 Trimble Road, Suite 107. The $200,000 renovation will cover 2,864 square feet.

Little Dixie Construction is the contractor for a permit for interior alteration of an existing office building at 3050 I-70 Drive SE, to update finishes and create new workspace. The project covers 7,074 square feet and has a valuation of $353,700.

Seven permits for decks were approved in August. Those projects have a total valuation of $139,602.

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