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Closer Look: January 2024

Manic Cure
Gina Butler

Acupuncture of Columbia

Acupuncture of Columbia specializes in complex conditions, non-surgical interventions, neuropathy, and chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments. The clinic promotes itself as the “last resort with the best results,” serving a wide range of ages. A large portion of its clients are geriatric.

Owner Gina Butler is proud to be a women-owned business, and the only board-certified Chinese herbalist in Missouri.

“Our mission is to empower individuals on their wellness journey through natural, effective, and compassionate care. We believe in the potential of each person to reclaim their health, and we are committed to providing a healing environment that supports this belief,” says Rae Willis, Acupuncture of Columbia’s media and marketing specialist. “Offering personalized, drug-free, and surgery-free treatments for chronic pain and illnesses, we aspire to facilitate the body’s natural healing capabilities and restore hope for a healthier, vibrant, and pain-free life.”

Acupuncture of Columbia is offering complimentary initial consultations throughout January.

900 Rain Forest Pkwy B

Manic Cure


Manic Cure is a nail studio known for its specialty in nail art, and a fun, laid-back environment.

“You’ll come in as a client, but you’ll leave as a friend,” says owner Jessica Rose Bruce. The name has a few meanings, she says.

“The obvious one is that we offer manicures,” Bruce explains. “The word ‘cure’ also references the chemical process by which many of our products harden, such as gel and acrylic. But mostly, we know that self-care is an excellent way to recover from the stress that comes along with the busy lives we all lead — it’s a cure when things get manic.”

Bruce is eager to bring not only lots of tiny hand-painted pieces of art to the community but more importantly, a passion for the nail industry and a strong focus on the client experience. Taking the leap of faith in May of 2023 to open her studio, Bruce says there is no looking back.

“I remember being stressed daily for months on end and saying, ‘I play with glitter for a living. This should not be this difficult.’ It was hard for me to provide uplifting services for my clients when I felt so down all the time,” she said. “I still loved what I did, but I needed to also love where I did it. And thankfully, I had — and still have — one hell of a support system that made taking the jump into business ownership much less intimidating.”

200 Old 63 S #305A

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