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PYSK: Brady Dubois

Brady Dubois

President / CEO at Boone Health 

Job description: Lead all aspects of the Boone Health organization to drive clinical, service, operational, and financial performance.

Professional background: Started my health care career as a recreational therapist in 1995. In 1999, I completed my MBA and moved into administrative/executive roles. From 2000-2008, I was active duty as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the U.S. Navy.  I returned to civilian executive healthcare roles from 2008 to the present.

Hometown: Groves, Texas.

How long have you lived in Columbia: Two months.

Favorite volunteer/community activity: Volunteering at the local Food Banks has always been a cherished volunteer activity for our family. Food insecurity in a nation as strong as America is preventable if we all focus on the basic needs of our community.

Quote you live by: “Leadership consists of picking good people and helping them do their best.” — ADM. Chester Nimitz

Brady Dubois at Boone Health

A Columbia businessperson you admire and why: I have had the great fortune to meet several outstanding leaders since arriving five weeks ago. It would be regrettable to unintentionally omit some key leaders. I will say it appears that Columbia has a very deep talent pool of exceptional leaders doing some great things for their businesses and this community. 

Why are you passionate about your job: I began my career as a hands-on therapist to help improve the lives of those I served. My original sphere of influence was between 14 to 20 patients per day as a therapist. Now, while I no longer provide direct patient care, I can positively impact the care that is delivered across the whole organization. It’s a responsibility that I embrace, knowing that I get to help those who help others heal.

Why are you passionate about your company: Boone Health is a highly respected healthcare organization based upon its exceptional clinical and patient satisfaction service levels. From our front-line team members, medical staff, and the board, Boone Health is completely focused on excellence. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to join this great team that cares for so many of our friends and neighbors. 

If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing: I have always enjoyed fishing, and I have retirement dreams of starting a fishing guide business. If I were to ever leave healthcare, it would be to answer the call of the water.

What people should know about your profession: Hospital administration is much more than just the day-to-day operations of a hospital or clinic. Countless hours are spent ensuring the strategic direction and structure of the organization will continue to meet the future needs of the communities we serve. This includes everything from evaluating new technology, driving down supply expenses, and ensuring that we are a preferred employer and the care provider of choice, all while managing financial and legal obligations. 

Your next professional goal: I have been blessed in my career to have led some of the largest hospitals owned by Fortune 500 companies. While I’m thankful for those opportunities, leading an independent Boone Health is my professional goal now.

Biggest lesson learned in business: The biggest lesson that I learned early on is that you must operate in all facets of business with integrity. Everything else can be removed from you, but your own personal integrity can never be tarnished unless you choose to do so yourself.

How you want to impact the Columbia community: I hope to be a leader focused on service. While we all have demanding careers, putting “service before self” helps grow the community in ways that help drive prosperity for all.

Greatest strength: I think my greatest strength is the support from my family to always do the right thing, no matter how challenging that may be.

Greatest weakness: I have been known to just talk too much and lose track of time periodically.

What you do for fun: I love to fish and spend time with my family.  It can be sports, dinner, movies, or traveling. Just time with my family helps rejuvenate me for the week ahead.

Favorite place in Columbia: It’s a toss-up in the few weeks here between Peking Chinese restaurant or Tiger Dry Cleaner due to the great service offered by both places.

Accomplishment you are most proud of: It’s been a while now, but I am most proud of my time in the U.S. Navy. I believe each of my deployments served a purpose to benefit the interests of our nation.

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