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What’s Going Up: January 2024

Golden Corral

Strap on the feed bag and get ready to be first in line for the buffet. Golden Corral at 3421 Clark Lane will reopen soon, more than a year after the all-you-can-eat restaurant was closed by a New Year’s Eve fire that caused an estimated quarter-million dollars in damage.

The Columbia Building and Site Development office issued a permit on November 1 for commercial building alteration at the site. The permit lists a valuation of $300,000 for repair of fire damage and additional alterations. The general contractor is White Tree Group LLC. The permit covers some two thousand square feet. The business, owned by MDB Restaurants, previously received permits for interior demolition, reframing, fuel gas, plumbing, and electrical work. 

Building and Site Development issued a total of 138 building permits in November 2023 with a valuation of $21.99 million. 

The breakdown included:

  • 1 commercial addition, $120,840
  • 5 residential additions, $165,292.
  • 9 commercial alterations, $1.57 million.
  • 13 residential alterations, $973,879.
  • 2 pools, $71,251.
  • 2 new commercial,
    $4.25 million.
  • 6 decks, $79,000.
  • 67 re-roofs, $1.24 million.
  • 30 single-family detached houses, $12.48 million.
  • 3 townhouses, $1.05 million.

Highlights include:

A permit for installation of Tesla charging stations in the existing parking lot at Bandana’s Barbecue, at 3405 Clark Lane, just west of the Golden Corral permit site. The general contractor for the $150,000 project entailing 2,500 square feet is EVC Company LLC. The property owner is listed as SMJ International.

Little Dixie Construction is the general contractor on a project at 2703 E. Broadway, Ste. 226, owned by Lindner Properties. The 1,802-square-foot project is an interior tenant fit up with new partitions, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical service, and tenant finishes. The building permit doesn’t indicate a type of business.

Two new buildings are being added to the existing Mill Creek Senior Living campus at 1990 W. Southampton Dr. Willco Construction LLC is the general contractor for the 2,188-square-foot project with a valuation of $381,160. It includes a commercial office/storage space at 2082 Southampton Drive.

The top-dollar single family homes to receive building permits in November were a 6,601-square-foot house off Pebble Creek Court in the Bluff Creek Estates. The permit valuation is $935,021. Travis Block Construction Co. LLC is the general contractor.

Anderson Homes is the builder for a 5,144-square-foot home in Old Hawthorne North on Ivory Lane. The permit lists a valuation of $727,792.

Three townhouses will be built on Bunker Loop Court On the Ninth at Old Hawthorne. Two of the townhouses will be 2,830 square feet with valuations of $382,080, and the third townhouse will be 2,040 square feet and has a valuation of $285,197. Eibel Construction is the general contractor.

A $500,000 project at 2500 S. Old 63 involves replacing exterior steps for buildings 3 and 4 at the site. The permit shows “owner contractor” performing the work.

A permit for construction of a 30,223-square-foot, $3.87 million mini storage facility is shown as “on hold” for a site at 4501 Peabody Road. The owner is ASM Development LLC and the builder is Andrew Marcy General Contractor. The permit is on hold pending additional steps needed to begin construction.

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