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Closer Look: February 2024

Endwell Tavern Pizza

La Calle 8 Cafe

La Calle 8 Cafe

Owners Rafael Bobea and his wife, Itzel, have extended their passion for warmth, community, and diversity to the heart of Columbia with the opening of La Calle 8 Cafe, or as they like to call it, The 8th Street Cafe.

With roots extending from the Dominican Republic to Anaheim, California (Itzel’s parents hail from Mexico), they were eager to bring some of their ancestry to Columbia.

“Our cafe is designed to be both elegant and simple, offering a welcoming atmosphere accompanied by the vibrant beats of Latin music,” Rafael says. “We envisioned a diverse space, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Our espresso, a blend of five different coffee varieties, has quickly become a favorite among our patrons. For those seeking a taste of Dominican coffee, we brew Santo Domingo coffee daily.” The star of the menu is their famous Dulce de Leche latte, which gained popularity after being featured in the 20K-strong Facebook group, “The Good, the Bad, and Ugly COMO.”

Rafael says the positive reviews and viral acclaim have been heartening. Their goal at La Calle 8 is to provide a fun, elegant, and unique environment for patrons to enjoy a great cup of coffee, along with other menu items like paninis and tropical aguas frescas.

He adds, “We take pride in creating an Affogato that a customer returning from Italy deemed better than the ones he experienced abroad.”

214 S. Eighth St. | @lacalle8cafe | lacalle8cafe.square.site

Endwell Tavern Pizza

Endwell Taverna  

Endwell Taverna is currently operating every Saturday at the Columbia Farmer’s Market, offering catering for small events and available for pop-ups, while the brick-and-mortar eatery is under construction. A grand opening is expected for spring 2024.

Endwell Taverna is a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant and pizzeria specializing in New York-style pizza, Italian cocktails, and classic Italian American fare. The restaurant offers an accessible dining experience that highlights the best features of Italian cuisine. 

Endwell Taverna is a partnership between chef Ted Cianciosi and the chef/owner of Ozark Mountain Biscuit and Bar, Bryan Maness, and associates.

“It’s impossible to cry while eating pizza. The New York-style pizza is definitely the north star at Endwell Taverna but we offer so much more,” Cianciosi says “New York-style pizza has a thin crust that is strong enough to carry a variety of toppings without going limp.” Endwell Taverna features a variety of Italian staples, seasonally driven pastas, locally sourced meats, and deli sandwiches served on sesame flat bread that is baked multiple times a day.

107 N. Ninth St. (coming Spring 2024) | endwelltaverna.com

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