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Spot On! What’s It Cost to Have a Pet These Days?

Small Pug dog wearing glasses sitting with calculator.

We all love our pets, whether the four-legged, two-legged, or no-legged kind. They give us joy, reduce anxiety, and generally brighten our lives. But what do our furry friends really cost? We asked around Columbia and here’s what we found.

Cost to purchase purebred puppy: $700 and up  

Cost to adopt from Central Missouri Humane Society:
Puppy $150
Adult Dog $100
Kitten $100
Adult Cat $50 

Note: With purebred purchase or CMHS adoption, pets are usually fully vaccinated and microchipped. CMHS adoptees are also spayed/neutered. 

Spay/Neuter: $300-$800 

Six-week puppy training: $200-250

General wellness/annual exam: $55 

Sick or injured exam: $65 

Annual vaccines: $25-$40 

Microchipping: $70 

Self-serve dog wash: $2 to start 

Full groom: $50-$60 

Bath and brush: $40 and up 

Basic nail trim: $28 

$45-$80/night for dogs;
$20-$30 for cats 

Doggy daycare: $30-$40/day 

Heartworm prevention: $12-$15/monthly dose 

Flea and Tick prevention: $3/monthly dose 

Dog walking: $19-$45 (depending on duration) 

Cat visit: $18-$45 (depending on duration) 

for dogs: Up to $50/month  
for cats: $10-$40/month 
custom gourmet food: Up to $500

Treats: $10-$50/month 


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